Pre-New-Years Resolution: I want to start travelling. I need to straighten out the present mess, of course, but after that I want to travel, when and where I can. I was reading the excellent A Year in Cornwall, and he wrote about vacationing for practically nothing in the South of France. I want to go – I haven’t had a chance to see anything yet! Look at this. Split four ways and combined with cheap airfare, it is affordable even for people like me.

Anyone else have a yen to travel, but no handy travel companions? *hint hint*

5 thoughts on “Travelling”

  1. Good! I’m very serious about this. I’ve been here for almost two years, and I haven’t had a chance to see anything. You know how it is in the States, everything is so far away and so expensive. Here, though, everything is practically right next door, and flights are so cheap. I want to go EVERYWHERE. :) So, New Years resolution: travel!!!

  2. Well I HAVE alotted some time to visit the Isles and explore Scotland, Ireland and Wales.. I’d love the company if I can swing the visit…

  3. That would be great – LJ retreat in Europe! :) Vats of wine, bread and cheese, old stone house overlooking the sea…sounds very, very good.

  4. I’m serious too. I’ve been here almost eight years. I’ve seen some, but not NEARLY enough!! Especially not enough of the rest of Europe…

    However, I am trying to renovate the house. I would definately be interested in any trips you may be planning, but I don’t know how the funds are going to be next year. Keep me in mind though, if you do need a companion. :)

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