Still feeling a bit blah about playing as much as I normally do, haven’t played much GuildWars or LOTRO, and I haven’t played the alts at all.  My level-fortysomething Draenei priest will probably be moved to my partner’s account so he can play her.  I’ll move Ravven to Kit’s account, so I can go down to one account and save some money ( we have four accounts between us right now).  I’ll play around on the Hordie alts now and then, I suppose. I think about logging in, think about looking for a pug, and decide to do something else.

My life seems to have been a series of wildly different stages.  I tend to be passionate about something for a few months, or several years, and then never go back to it again.  It’s like my artwork – after I started concentrating on photography, I never went back to painting.  After I started working almost exclusively in digital work, I didn’t do any photography.  Will my next passion be 3D work?  Perhaps.

These are the different “people” I have been during my life so far:

  • Early years: travel and wildness.  I once moved to San Francisco on a whim with only $20 to my name.  I went to Peru, I went to acting school (Strasberg Institute) for a while in LA, I lived in New York and Florida and New Mexico and Arizona…I was a wild kid.
  • Family years, and athletics.  Completely opposite to the prior stage, I raised my daughter, worked in a legal field and became totally immersed in fencing (I’d married my fencing coach).  That ended when I destroyed my knee in the Nationals, and eventually we parted…it’s strange to think we got divorced because I hurt my knee, but I could no longer share what he did and we grew apart.
  • On my own, and the web.  This was a huge time of change for me, and is also what led to my current career.  I was very involved in my painting and then photography, I learned enough html to put my first portfolio site on the web, and it went from there.  Spent some time editing a very good gothic/dark romantic/industrial zine, and made a lot of new friends.  Became a web designer for a large ecommerce company.
  • Moved to England, and gaming.  The last five years saw me move to the UK and begin preparations to give up my American citizenship and become a naturalised Brit.  I became passionately involved in gaming, which led to a fascination with virtual worlds, and how our interactions in those worlds change us as people.  It’s led to the new project that I’m working on, which should be career-making, and I’ve made a lot of very good friends in WoW and elsewhere.

Will I continue gaming?  Who knows?  Based on how I’ve lived so far, I would guess that something else is coming fairly soon…and I’m ready for it.  I’m thinking travel again, perhaps – I have that wanting-to-be-rootless feeling.  But my experiences in game and in virtual worlds will always be a part of who I am.

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