I’m thinking about moving Kit to another guild…possibly another server, although I hate breaking up main characters/professions.  Raevyn, my little priest, is no problem to move, since she has virtually no contact with anyone else – Miz’ shaman is too far ahead of her for us to play together, so I solo her.  Not really ideal for a priest.  :/

The new people in the guild have bought a really weird dynamic.  There were groups of people that came to us from other servers and other guilds, and they tend to stick together rather than interacting with the guild as a whole.  This is a problem for getting instance runs…I desperately need Arcatraz, Shattered Halls and Black Morass on Kit.  But every time there is a run, it’s as though the rest of us are ghosts (unless you’re a tank or a healer, of course):

“Shadow Labs, anyone?”

“I’ll go!”

“Ok, that’s xxxx, xxxx, xxxx…anyone else?”  (None of the xxxx’s being any of us)

“I’ll go, if you still need another”

“Ok, we pugged someone, we’re full.”

Meh.  Just meh.

So, for now, I’ll leave Ravven since she’s still needed.  Since we’re rotating people through the only Kara group that we have going, she’ll only be raiding one week a month, though.  Kit as an alt really can’t compete with all the hunter mains that need a slot – hunters are always surplus to needs.  Raevyn really needs a mid-level guild that is doing a lot of Scarlet Monastery, RFK, RFD runs…but how do you find a guild like that?  It’s not like they advertise on the realm forums.  Hmmn.

4 thoughts on “Transitional”

  1. I so feel your pain. If I didn’t have a premade group to run with now, I’d have quit some time ago. Having three people that make sure to stay at my level, and always automatically group with me when I need to go somewhere has kept me playing.

  2. Yes, I’ve thought recently about quitting – that’s how frustrated I’ve been. I think I still need WoW, actually, since that has helped to keep me sane during the last year on this incredibly stressful project. But when the frustrations become greater than the escape value? Tough call. :/

  3. “Scarlet Monastery, RFK, RFD runs…but how do you find a guild like that?”

    You do PUGS for it the same way I did, I can’t tell you how many guild invites I got doing them.

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