Training Diary: 4 January 2005

Kip was a combination of horribleness (insisting on travelling sideways, pigrooting, refusing to bend) and wonderfulness (moving very forward in a gorgeous outline) last night in my lesson. He’s the classic case of when he’s good, he’s veryvery good. At the end of the lesson, when Tracey was working in canter on Cookie, I decided to let Kip follow along behind her and “accidentally” canter. I gave him the verbal command to canter, and he shot straight up in the air in a perfect courbette and then shot off like a rocket. As soon as I had him back under control again, I could hear the trainer’s very dry voice saying “That may be a bit too forward.” lol…no kidding, but at least the bugger was finally moving! :) She said that Cleveland Bays have a reputation for being stubborn and difficult (translate: total pig-headedness) at times, even though they do have calm, sensible minds. Or, as one article I read put it, they tend to be “independent thinkers.” Hahaha – that’s one way of putting it.

3 thoughts on “Training Diary: 4 January 2005”

  1. Ahhhh, That drafty mindset … but when they finally key in to the work, there is little better.

  2. mercurial_realm

    My journal was suspended yesterday because of an age verification issue-apparently they are under the delusion I am under 13, and though I may act it sometimes, fortunately I have long since passed puberty.
    So after getting nowhere an entire day, I’ve had to begin a new one, and is my home, at least until someone listens to me. Please could you add me again:)

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