tra la la… *happy dance*

Ok…I think I’ve found my raiding and roleplay guild.  Ravven joined yesterday, and as soon as I catch the hunter class leader online, Kit will as well.  They’re doing Kara (two groups) and Gruul, and I hope to be able to find a place in one of the groups.

Guildchat is IC, which I welcomed – but it’s interesting in that it seems to have had the effect of totally removing any conversation in guildchat.  Everyone talks in the OOC channel.  lol…

I’m levelling a troll priest who I’ll dual-box with my bloodelf hunter as soon as she catches up.  I’m going to roleplay them as foster sisters, and the troll thinks she’s an ugly duckling.  She’s wider than the other blood elves, and  her feet are too big for glass slippers or even cloth boots.  :D  Hey, it’s not her fault that she has bad teeth, even though her mean older sister makes fun of her.

Got involved in a conversation at the wow_ladies LJ community, which I just realised (after thinking that no one was posting anything anymore) has been locked to outsiders.  How stupid is that?  They were offended that someone at WoW Insider was linking to their posts and discussing things that were said.  That’s the nature of teh interweb, darlings – 3/4 of all blog posts are links to things the writer has read elsewhere.  We’re just one big incestuous family here.  Such as shame, since it was a very busy community, and it was done without a poll or vote or any discussion on the part of the members, which is totally wrong of the moderators of the community.

Sigh.  Kids…whatcha going to do?  :)

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