Top Gear

One of the things that I really like about living here is the TV. Oh, sure, they have more than their share of total crap, daytime TV and reality shows, but there is a lot of quality TV. I find myself immersed in things that I would never normally watch, such as history shows, cooking shows…and Top Gear.

If you’ve never seen it, Top Gear is unrepentant big boys’ pranks and vroomvroom lurve. It’s not ecologically friendly, one of the presenters came close to dying during a land speed record attempt, it’s totally non-PC (especially if you’re French), irreverent and very funny.

Click here for a segment that we watched lately. You think the Ford Fiesta is boring?  You won’t after this.  :D

And for all of my friends back in the States, an old favourite: The Great American Road Trip. Try not to be offended. :P

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