Had a good afternoon with Raz and Karen, Phil’s SOCOM clanmember and buddy. It’s strange meeting people that you’ve only known online. That Phil’s only known online, that is. Never mind…cut me some drunk-person’s slack here. :P They were both very nice people, and I had a good laugh at the way that Phil was described – he evidently was not how they pictured him. He has a deep voice, and I think perhaps they expected someone a lot bigger than he is (he is very tall, and slender). She said that he is not at all how he sounds on the comms…which is evidently reserved and posh. lol…I had a good laugh about that. :)

Not much else to tell. I just went back online to check Ebay listings that I was interested in (horsey stuff – we can’t afford anything new). I should call my parents tonight, but I have drunk way too much wine to talk to them. Don’t ask me why it matters…hey, I still don’t even swear in front of them. We’re a very polite family.

Good night all. I’ve going to weave downstairs and collapse into a puddle on the couch.

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