I am very, very tired this morning. Slept on the couch last night, shivering, and would have enjoyed about five extra hours this morning. ;)

Quick explanation for my post last night: you all know that Phil got promoted. Well, he hired his new assistant yesterday, and of course she was typical. Not the guy from London with the high-powered experience, of course – it’s a girl straight out of school. He came home yesterday with two bottles of wine to “celebrate.” (And we’re completely broke.) He was on fire, going on and on about how wonderful and creative she was (no experience, but she’d had one job working for a photography studio). It may sound like I’m over-reacting here, but I’m not. I’ve known Phil a long time: through two affaires (one admitted, one suspected) and countless infatuations. I’m NOT doing it again.

How the hell did I end up with a guy so sad that he can’t work with a woman without making a pass, no matter what she looks like? To add insult to injury, someone who thinks I’m stupid enough to believe his lies?

Good luck, babe. I know you’re on a high right now, and I hope it works as you obviously hope it will. But you broke your side of the agreement, and that hurts.

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  • anonymous

    Perhaps I’m allowed to voice my side of things…as I’ve been painted in a very black light…

    I did not come home ‘on fire’, nor was I carrying two bottles of ‘celebration’ wine…the reason I had bought wine was that at the weekend we’d tried to buy two bottles for a special price at Safeway, got to the car park to find we’d been charged full price and got a refund…so I bought 2 bottles of cheap wine to make up for it…

    I made no comment about how wonderful the new writer is, I made the comment that she is more qualified than I am when pressed as to her qualifications, as you assumed I’d hired someone purely for their looks. She’s not ‘straight from school’, and I have to ask – when faced with only 3 applications – all from women – how could I not hire a woman? You mention the guy from London – yes, he’d have been great – and we’d have hired him if he hadn’t insisted on a salary that’s double the salary on offer.

    As for working with women – I can, and have worked with many women in the past without any thoughts of making passes…and the ‘affairs’ you mention were during periods when you and I were split up…

    I can’t think of a job I could do, or a company I could work for where there aren’t any women…I’m sorry babe…but I don’t know what I am supposed to do…

    As for being on a high – no – I’m not – I’m at the opposite end of the scale, and it all feels like it’s slipping away from me – and I really haven’t done anything to betray you, nor have I any intention of doing anything to betray you…I have not broken the vows I made…

    You’re my wife, and I love you, and I feel so lost I can’t even think straight.

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