Tired, But Alive

Hey, it’s not every day that people fly across oceans to tell you how badly you suck. :)

The meeting went well, with a minimum of bloodshed. Very long, though – I didn’t get out until after 7:00, and I had to have Phil get Lizzie out of her stall and put her in the sick paddock (he survived). Basically, the US has had a site analysis done, and (of course) they made a lot of suggestions which won’t be implemented, and a few that were good points. A lot was going to be said about the non-functional bridal & gift registry, which I headed off at the pass by handing out thick stacks of screenshots, lists of issues, and planned code and template changes. No one had much to say about it after that. Canada brought up a list of issues, small things which they should have handled via email, so nothing of consequence there. A long heated discussion about whether the VeriSign logo should go above or below the fold…jesus, people.

All in all, a productive meeting. Plus, I was able to fill up on diesel this evening, which I was very worried about. And both Lizzie and Phil survived just fine. So not a terribly bad day.

I’m tired. Mucho vodka, something from the freezer, and to bed.

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