So exhausted right now. Have you ever been so stressed and tired that you have a constant physical sensation that you are either going to vomit or cry? Weird feeling.

Anyway, back to it. We’re not going to make the go-live date after all. But at least it doesn’t have anything to do with any of my areas. Look on the bright side, at least we have some extra time.

I almost lost it with someone yesterday. Seriously lost it, in a way that I never have in my entire adult professional life. The first words just came out, and I kind of came to as I saw heads whipping around to look at me all over the room. I swallowed the words which were pushing to come out, took a breath, and continued in a reasonable voice. But it was VERY close. I’m embarrassed to think that someone could push me to that point.

Well, back to it. If I’m dead, this must be hell.

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