Exhausted and totally dragged out. These last few weeks are going to be so hard. There is an absolute mountain of work to do, and no one else to help with most of it. I need to pass some of the stupid stuff off to Bad Mood Lady, but there’s no one to help finish all of the product shots which are taking so much time. I was badgering the outside developers to post all of their code, so I can start doing the areas that I have to, as well as all of the tweaking and modifying that are going to have to be done, then modifying all the product assortments, cross-sells, upsells, etc., then start the user testing internally and externally before go-live date. So tired…I’ve been dreaming about it every night.

I’ve been part of this process once before on an ecommerce site, and it was a great experience. But we had a very good web team with some very good programmers. This scares me because there ARE no tech/web people here…except for little ol’ me. Very scary. We have the offsite developers, yes, but no one onsite. They’re eventually going to hire a J2EE analyst/programmer, which will be a relief; although I’ve picked up a fair amount of JSP, I’m not and will never be more than a dabbler at it.

Got to go…back into harness, no lunch, no breaks except bathroom breaks, long day. Hey, I wanted this, right? At least I can genuinely say that I’m not bored anymore. :)

Be careful of what you wish for…you just may get it.

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