Tipping Point

There are times when you reach a point where you have to say “I can go no farther along this path or I will not survive”. This is a good thing for the procrastinators out there, those who don’t want to risk rocking an already leaky craft, those who worry about risking everything in order to change. Sometimes you are forced to take the leap.

I think I’ve reached that point today. I sat in a meeting and thought “I cannot do this another month. I don’t want to do it another day, but that’s a bit unrealistic. But if I have to do this for a few more weeks which turn into a few more months, there will be nothing left of me”. Whatever it costs, whatever sacrifices I have to make to get my life back on track, I will make them – I have to, or there will be no “me” that is actually left.

Small whinge that will mean nothing to no one who doesn’t know me personally…but it’s a point that some of us will reach at some point in our lives. My personal one has to do with my career, but yours may be an abusive relationship, or being afraid to make a life on your own. At some point, we need to take the risk, come what may.

At some point, you need to jump.

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  1. I have just jumped, and reading this has reassured me that it was the right thing to do, despite the fact that I don’t know what happens next. Thank-you. I hope that things work out for you too.

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