Tink’s Return

Tink, the youngest ferret that we thought we had lost for good, is back.

Last Sunday we were making Sunday dinner for Phil’s parents, and the electricity went out. It was obviously a problem in the house, not outside. We were cooking turkey, of all things, and although it hadn’t quite finished cooking, we were able to slice it up and cook it in gravy on the hob, which was gas. What a mess, but dinner in the end turned out ok.

So, anyway, after we had eaten, one of our neighbors showed up at the back door and said that there was a ferret in their garden shed, who had been living with the cats and eating cat food. We ran over there, and it was her! The ungrateful little bitch hid under the shed as soon as she saw me, but Phil managed to snag her. All her little friends were very happy and excited to see her.

Not much else to tell – I think that was our big news for the weekend. ;)

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