Time Passes Sloooooooowly When You’re NOT Having Fun

It’s Friday, and I am vey bored. I’ve been bored all week, actually, and I am not looking forward to being bored again next week. But at least next Friday will be my last day. To all the kiddies out there who wish they had a job where they could surf all day if they wanted to: be warned. It’s BORING. Mind-numbing and soul-destroying. I am counting the days.

Of course, being bored and having tons of time on my hands evidently doesn’t mean that I can use the time productively to come up with really profound journal entries. There goes that excuse. :(

Some misc holiday pics here, including Christmas and working Kip for the first time.

We’re going to go out tonight on a pubcrawl, as it’s been ages and ages. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m going to sneak out early, go to the stable to work Kipper and clean/feed, then Phil can pick me up on his way home.


9 thoughts on “Time Passes Sloooooooowly When You’re NOT Having Fun”

  1. wandringsoul

    Horrible photo of me – top left, but the pics came out well, especially those snowy day oens, considering visibility was about zero!

  2. I’ve tried it. Unless you have a very successful business doing top-end sites, I don’t think it’s worth it. (In my experience, anyway.) By the time you go through all of the small changes and the extra work, when you divide it all out to a hourly dollar amount you may as well be manning a retail counter. OK, not quite that bad, but I think you always end up doing more work for less money that you anticipate. On the other hand, though, you ARE working for yourself. :)

    I’m just really looking forward to the new job, to having challenge and new things to learn. I have short-timer’s syndrome.

  3. Have fun tonight, I’m going to a piss up in a brewery tonight….no really, we are off to the local brewery for a guided tour and some food and beer.

  4. On days like Tuesday where I quickly ran out of productive tasks and was reduced to LOTS of websurfing to kill the empty hours, I realized that I couldn’t hack a job that simply involved surfing the net all day, every day, although to many people it sounds ideal. I get tired of any passive activity quickly, anyway.

    Hermione is an exceptionally cute rat.

  5. My previous job, I had about 1.5 days work a week to do. I could have gone out and found more, but, to be honest, no one was checking up on me, no one was monitoring what I had to do. It’s the worst I’ve ever been managed.

    I hated it, wasted so much time, didn’t even do something useful like teach myself more about web design – I came out of that job knowing less than when I went in.

    Soul destroying, as you say.

  6. So how was it? Sounds like fun. I always wanted to do one of the tours in California through the vinyards/wineries, complete with samples. :)

  7. She’s my favourite, but she’s pretty sick right now. :( She’s sitting on my mousemat right now, watching me type.

  8. It’s true – you know that you should use all the time to do something productive, but all initiative is sapped. Or maybe it’s just me. :(

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