Time Flies

I’m not even through January yet, and I feel as though the year is already getting away from me. Days fall one into the other, faster and faster as you wake to the alarm, spend all day in meetings or locked into a computer or grazing out the window, wishing you had a different life, and then you realise that this year is in danger of being as non-eventful as last year. I need an adventure.

In the meantime, work is ok and my damn back is still out; I haven’t been able to school Kip at all. It’s been cold, damn cold, cold enough for the frozen wastes of the underworld. There have been a few lovely blue and pink Easter-egg dawns, which make the mornings worthwhile. There have been some good forwarded quotes from one of my sisters and also the flist. (“Old age ain’t no place for sissies,” Bette Davis and “I try to take one day at a time – but sometimes several days attack me at once.” Phil posted a link to something extremely funny, especially if you’ve known guys like this. I needed comfort food and so had a battered Mars bar tonight. And so we go on, small pleasures and very few victories.

I want to not be too tired to work at night…I want to paint or write or code something that I’m excited about. I want to be able to work Kip without wanting to kill him afterwards. I want the damn churbles to wake up before 2:00 am. I want my boss to stop taking all the male team members out for “boys lunches” at the pub, which shouldn’t bother me but somehow does. I want to be dancing with the old gang at Ground Zero, drinking Long Island ice teas, laughing at Fannypack Guy.

3 thoughts on “Time Flies”

  1. Just had to watch that again to remind myself how good it was.

    ‘I’m wearing boots of escaping!!’

  2. bloodylips420

    We want you back here to dance and poke fun at him to. we miss you! remember to relax and do something that makes you smile. sending good thoughts to you!

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