Time, and Lack Thereof

I know I haven’t written in ages. And ages. Like a lot of people, usually I do blog updates at work…at lunch, in that last half-hour at days end, etc. I haven’t been able to go out at lunch for ages, and to be honest if I had the time I wouldn’t have two brain cells to rub together to try to initiate a post. This sucks. :/

I have been playing. Ravven, my very first character ever created, my old raiding main up through Serpentshrine, finally hit 80. (I abandoned her when I was finally allowed to switch to my hunter Kitsune, my love, and I’ve never looked back since. Poor Ravven.)

The Recruit a Friend project characters are levelling a lot more slowly now, but we’re still playing together and are looking at 74. I’m still enjoying the shammy, although I have come to understand the importance of stacking tons of haste. Frickin’ slowest cast times EVAH.

All in all, things are ok. Not fun, fo’ sho’, but ok.

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