Tideland…not your normal romantic-evening-in film

Last night I cooked chicken in honey and chili oil, the tiniest baby potatoes, the tinies baby asparagus tips, all courtesy of M&S. Expensive, but worth it. And then we watched Tideland.

It’s hard to know what to say about this film, actually – all I can say is go rent it, and don’t blame me when you do. It’s a Terry Gilliam film with a fantasy feel, but without any overt fantasy elements to it. It’s the blackest comedy I’ve ever seen. It’s a story of childhood resilience and imagination. It’s a movie that made me feel as though I needed my mind disinfected after watching it. It was entertaining, in a very bizarre way. It’s the only film I’ve ever seen that had a disclaimer from the director in the beginning.

The young actress carries the film, and this little girl is going to have a hell of a career. She’s supported occasionally by Jeff Bridges in various states of decomposition, and Jennifer Tilly as a grotesque, raddled, bloated Courtney Love clone, but basically the movie is about her.

Amazing film…go see it.

2 thoughts on “Tideland…not your normal romantic-evening-in film”

  1. cadavre__exquis

    Hah! Our V-day dinner was courtesy of M&S as well – ours was HUGE steaks and tiny new potatoes.

    Tideland was amazing and yes, that actress was stpidly good. Some months ago we had the incredible good fortune of going to a screening where Gilliam introduced the film in person. I remember he said something like “In order to make this film, I had to find my inner child. It was an 8 year old girl”.

  2. Phil looked her up on imdb, and I couldn’t believe how many things she’s already been in. I had seen her in Silent Hill, but I didn’t realise it until afterwards.

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