three things

1. Top Sekrit Projekt got a chunk of investment cash, and we got paid today, with the balance to come. That is a very good thing. To anyone who is considering going to work for a startup, I have to ask: Do you know what it’s like to survive without being paid for three months? No? I’d think twice about it then. Being paid is a VERY good thing.

2. I can stop job hunting. I hate employment agencies, I hate them with a passion. I hated them as an employer, and I despise them as a candidate. I don’t answer my mobile unless the number is in my address book. Anyone else can email me. If you don’t have my email address, then you have no business contacting me. You certainly shouldn’t call me at 9:30pm to tell me about a job at the other end of the country that requires a programming language which is not listed on my CV. If I’ve had a vodka or two by that time, I’m likely to be less than polite…be warned.

3. As part of my jobhunting, I got my hair cut this morning. I have very long, very thick hair – it’s difficult to work with, it’s very heavy and doesn’t like combs.  I was truly afraid that I would look down on the salon floor to see huge bleeding chunks of hair that had been ripped from the scalp, it hurt that much. Plus we were too broke to pay for the extra blowdry (this was before the news about being paid), so now I look and feel like a small animal peering through a hedge. sigh.

But you know what?  All in all, this was a very good day.  :)

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  1. Congratulations! Getting money is always a wonderful spirit-lifter. I hope you and your company continue to be recognized for your amazing ideas, whatever they are. :>

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