Thoughts on Nigella

Phil and I watched a cooking programme that we like to catch when we can, Forever Summer with Nigella. I find here very interesting for several reasons. The first thing, obviously, is that is is not a waif-model type. She is very rounded, very Female, and likes herself that way. She seems to feel sexy, even though she doesn’t fit the current ideal of what a beautiful woman should be. Secondly, she is extremely sensual when she cooks, and unapologetic about liking good food. She’ll eat while she’s cooking, putting things in her mouth with her fingers, and then putting her hands back in the bowl. She makes these noises while she cooks. Often she cooks for gatherings of friends, but last night she made this huge platter of courgette-and-cheese fritters and sat down alone with a glass of wine, obviously prepared to eat the lot. She’s unashamed about being passionate about many things. She shows her kids on her shows, but never a man. No apologies. She has a sense of humour.

I like that. I think she’s a healthy role model for women. She seems like someone that you would enjoy being friends with.

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