Thoughts on Market Day

Still no mail, and net access is slower than mud. So I went for a walk…and remembered, as I turned the corner into the square, that it was Market Day.

1. You should not use a pram as an offensive weapon, despite the fact that your sprog seems to find it amusing.

2. People’s personalities intensify with age, distilling like wine. If you’re a nice person, no doubt you’ll eventually turn into a nice old person. If you start off as a mean bastard, no doubt you’ll turn into one of the fearsomely aggressive old reptiles hissing at people in your way in the market.

3. Soap and water is a good thing…try not to be afraid of it.

I hate market days.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Market Day”

  1. wandringsoul

    Just the times you’ve weaved me through the streets of Leek on a Saturday morning are enough – last weekend it was some gollum-like old woman clouting me with her leatherette bag – capacious enough to get her entire weeks shopping and a Yorkshire terrior in…

  2. I did see an old couple pushing a pram with a Yorkie in it once. I think I actually wrote about it. After being bored to tears all day today, I wasn’t in the mood to be bashed about by all the “old dears.”

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