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I was just looking through the classifieds (as always), and the Pet section caught my eye on the way to Employment. I could get a dog, if I lived on my own. :) I really, really miss having a dog. (Phil’s allergic to everything, but especially animals.)

Josh and I used to have the best dog, a Golden Retriever named Gambit. Gambit loved stuffed animals, which we referred to as his “babies.” He was never far from his current baby, which gradually grew more filthy and worn as he carried it around all day. We would then buy him a new one from the second-hand store, picking the most embarrassing one possible, like Care Bears or Teletubbies. He would look up with shining eyes as you handed him his new baby, so happy. (Remember, he was a golden retriever – he probably couldn’t remember ever having been given a stuffed animal of his own before.)

One of Josh’s newly acquired dogs came down with parvovirus, and couldn’t be saved. It was dying in a corner of the living room, on a bed of blankets. Josh had run an IV to hydrate it, and we’d done all we could, but sometimes it’s not meant to happen. Gambit seemed to know that the other dog was dying, and he went over to him and gently put his baby down on the other dog’s front legs, and then lay down, looking at him with his sad eyes. It puts a tear in my eyes now, just remembering Gambit giving up his baby.

Anyway. Lurcher, or Jack Russell? :)

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  1. How odd that you’re mentioning that incident with Gambit. Josh was just telling me about that the other day. Very sweet and sad.

    You should get a Schipperke. Josh & I decided recently that they are the perfect Goth-pet. What could be more Goth than a black as pitch bat-like creature the size of a cat with an obvious preference for blood-red silk pillows to recline upon and an attitude of eternal suffering?

  2. lol…you’re right. Yours, however, is the coolest little dog. I was so taken with her. Are they all like that?

  3. You know, I have no idea – we got her purely based on the following: small house, small dog, sturdy enough a small child would have a tough time breaking her; Rachel fell in love at first sight and my mom hit it big in Reno the previous week :P.

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