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I have a second interview next week for a company that I interviewed with before the holidays…fingers crossed! They were extremely nice people, and although I didn’t fit the job that they had going, they were interested in talking to me again. So, that’s good news.

Rode Lizzie out on the roads again today, although it wasn’t a good idea in the cold and snow/drizzle – she was extremely tense and very bouncy, and every man and his dog seemed to be out there doing construction work; at one point I got off to walk her by two guys unloading construction materials from a truck, which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea as she landed on my foot on one of her hops and knocked me over. She was polite enough to wait for me to get up and catch her, luckily, rather than taking off for home. Perhaps we’ll leave that for a while.

Being broke sucks…I am raiding my library for books to read that I haven’t read recently. I refuse to check books out of the library here because every time I returned them, some braindead teen seemed not to check them back in. On several occasions I stood in front of a long line of people behind me explaining that I had, indeed, returned the book in question. Too embarrassing.

I’m not getting much work accomplished. :(

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  1. Thank you – I’ll need it, since at this point they don’t really have a position open for me (they needed more of a technical developer/programmer capable of writing web-based software, rather than a designer/developer/interface developer), but we really hit it off and so they want to see if they can work me in after the initial development work is completed on their project.

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