This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I got Phil SimCity for an early birthday present. I admit it, I totally don’t understand games like this – if I look at the screen for thirty seconds I start getting bored.

“Look, you can click on anything and see more about it.” Phil clicks on a boy running down the street.

“Can you squash him?”

“What? No, you can’t squash him, what’s wrong with you? It’s not a god game.”

“Then what fun is it if you can’t squash him?”


I can’t help it…I like to blow shit up. :) My city would have a red light district, zombie attacks and Godzilla smooshing everything…but you probably can’t do that, even though it would be a better game for it.

6 thoughts on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

  1. ROFL! I am so with you on that. Not particularly fond of games in general (they bore me and/or I don’t get them), but when I play them I want to shoot things and blow things up. I suppose that’s not necessarily a good thing, lol, but what’s the point of a game if I can’t blow imaginary things up?

  2. I know you were able to summon Godzilla to attack your city in older SimCity games, but they changed so much with this one I have no clue. Hmm, it’s been a while since I played a good city builder… Maybe I should go play Grinns Tale, where I can build a town AND blow things up. ;) [/shameless plug]

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