This is why I ride…

After a long, tiring week, you would think I wouldn’t feel like riding on a Friday night…but it’s the best time. All of the knots work loose, and I can face the weekend rather than just wanting to come home, pour a drink, and collapse.

I love Lizzie. I love the way she calls out to me as soon as she sees me coming down the aisle. I love her soft, fragile skin like a mouse, and her huge eyes. She’s the perfect old-fashioned description of a blood horse, the one that goes something like “the head of a duchess and the bottom of a cook”.

She was light and responsive tonight, and we flowed together. After I’d worked in, I took her into the show arenas with their flowers and white boards, and she tensed, but we just walked around, long slow circles and gradually the prancing stopped. She’s only seen white boards during tests, and gets very worked up in those arenas.

Since the time change, the light has been perfect as I ride: the last, long, golden rays of sunlight laying across the muddy green fields…so gorgeous.


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