Today, as part of Induction Week, we took some of the kids to a science museum/Imax theatre called Thinktank. It was an interesting trip, though I would have voted for another paintball day. ;) (Note to self: we need to organise paintball before it gets too cold! I really enjoy it. See evidence here, Phil’s paintball page.)

Anyway, back to the day. Longish bus ride, complicated by one student getting very ill in Stoke and needing to be let off the bus. Arrived to find people in blazers holding massive nets containing helium balloons, which was a nice welcome but a bit over the top. (Turns out they were from a travel agency who wanted publicity for selling their millionth ticket, so we all cheered while they released said balloons for the photographer, and they gave us a number of free round-trip airline ticket vouchers. That was cool.) Watched the Imax movie, which was the Stomp film “Pulse” – very nicely done. Then we all wandered through the exhibits.

Normally I really like that kind of thing, but I felt so alone and adrift. I know it was work, and better than sitting at my desk, but I fell into a weird mood. All the students immediately ran off to do whatever you do when you slip your leash, and the other staff members had disappeared somewhere, so I wandered alone, feeling very invisible. Strange, melancholy feeling…rather like being a ghost.

I need to get my passport back (I’m waiting for my paperwork to be returned) and go home for a visit. I miss my family, and all my friends. I miss you guys so much. I want to go to Ground Zero on a Thursday, drink Long Islands, and dance all night. :) I haven’t worn any of my corsets since I got here. We’ll get Shaun and Jake back for a visit, and make a weekend of it. Perhaps I can convince Owlslight to make one of her amazing meals… *sigh*

Stop. I really AM going to depress myself. I’m going to go and read now. I’ve been devouring books like junk food recently.

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  1. If you get back stateside let me know I’d make arrangements to shop up there.. otherwise, if I make my trip to the Isles next year as planned, I’ll let you know

  2. It’s just a rather forlorn wish, at this point. I do need to go back and see my family as soon as possible, and I miss my friends. Having online contact with friends has saved me over the recent weeks, and I appreciate the support *greatly*. But actually meeting anyone? Not for a while, probably…I’m still torn and confused over recent events. Not good company right now. :(

  3. Hmm i Wasn’t implying anything other than meeting to get a beer or something.. if I make it to England next year I’d probably arrange something to meet all my LJ friends from there at a pub or something.. I didn’t mean like ‘meet’ meet..

  4. Oooooohhhhhh. *s* You could still be a psycho serial killer with a knife, a chainsaw and a bag full of alligator clips in your suitcase. But, what the hell…come on over anyway. Party at my house. Owlslight’s agreed to cook, and her meals are religious experiences. ;)

  5. Mmmmnnn…how to choose? Everything you cook is gorgeous. Do you know that I haven’t seen one single artichoke in the whole time I’ve been here? I’ve been looking each summer, but nothing. :(

  6. Don’t feel bad. Apparently artichokes and avacados are unheard of in the midwest states here also (or at least they used to be when I was a kid, mom had never seen either until she moved to CA).

    Do they have all the other usual veggies there, or are there others missing too?

  7. Well I never said I WASN’T a psycho killer now did I? ;)

    Although, I AM flattered that you thought I meant meet you in the other way.. don’t get me wrong, you are a beautiful and fascinating woman, but you’re a) in england and b) married… not exactly a screaming endorsement saying ‘Date me!!’ ;)

  8. Damn…so THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong. I knew it had to be something. (Note to self: re-work personal ads.)


  9. No, most of it is roughly the same, or even better (bacon here is to DIE for – you have NO idea!), but I haven’t seen artichokes. Or sunflower seeds, which was why I got such a craving and begged everyone to send me some. Ethnic food isn’t as readily available in the large markets, as I told you when looking for peppers and spices for the Mexican food dinner that I did. I assume there are small, Asian markets where you could buy ingredients for Japanese or Thai dishes, etc., though nothing in our village. There’s nothing like Bisquick, although you could obviously mix your own for pancakes or biscuits or whatever. There is a much greater variety in things such as potatoes, for example – did you know there are tons of different kinds, which all taste different, and you use them for different purposes? Who knew? I’m just used to Idaho potatoes. I think you would love the food over here.

  10. The only interesting thing I’ve seen here in regard to potatoes are the blue ones. Do tell…

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