Things Overheard

After a year here, I still have problems with some accents. Sometimes Phil will say something that sounds an awful lot like “Do you want hamster fart this week with fairies?” and I’ll be looking at him blankly, knowing that that probably isn’t what he actually said, although it sounded clear as a bell. lol…

I was going to blog about this a week or so ago, but I think I got caught up in things and didn’t. I was walking through town at lunch when I passed two elderly ladies looking in a store window, having a very loud, deaf conversation that when something like this:

“…somethingsomething homo.”
“What didyer say?”
“…somethingsomething homo!”
“What? Speak up!”
“Are ye deaf? I said HOMO!!!”

I laughed all afternoon about that. They were probably talking about something entirely different, but it was funny. I felt like tapping one of them on the shoulder and saying “Yes? Did you call?” ;)

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