Thin, Mean Weather

Firstly, I want to say that Billie Joe Armstrong has the sexiest eyes ever.

Secondly, I want to thank the lovely, lovely person who sent the cookies and the wonderful card. Thank you VERY much – I’ll write separately. That was a wonderful surprise. :)

The weather being really crap this weekend, we got our shopping out of the way early in hopes that the wind might die down a bit in the afternoon, so I can ride then. Not that Kip is a really spooky type, but he does get tense when the indoor sounds as though it’s going to sail away.

I bought makeup this morning; I’d been living on tail ends of almost-empty products for ages. I warned Phil to not fall down dead with a heart attack when they rang it up – £60 for a handful of small containers. Yikes! And forget skincare stuff; manufacturers seem to think that if they claim something is virtually a facelift in a bottle, you’ll pay £50 for a small tube of it. Well, they’re not entirely wrong. They could probably charge whatever they wished if any of it would actually work.

Would I ever consider plastic surgery? Possibly. I mean, no one wants to look like Jackie Stallone, I’d rather look like the Crypt Keeper than that. But perhaps just a bit of Botox between my eyebrows, since I tend to frown there. Maybe my eyelids, they always seem puffy and tired. But serious plastic surgery? Not a chance. For every person who actually looks good (Sharon Osbourne), there are tons of road-accidents that you could point out. Besides, why should it be such a sin to not look eighteen? As long as we look good for our age, whatever that may be…why shouldn’t that be enough?

Sounds like hail outside. Just great. :(

8 thoughts on “Thin, Mean Weather”

  1. Yay! :) They’ve arrived. I was starting to worry. :)

    *BIG HUG* You made me laugh out loud from the Jackie/Crypt Keeper remarks. *teehee* She’s just SCARY! :) And £60 for make-up is only about 3 products, so he should be happy. I find anything make-up or skin care-y is very expensive here. Although, I don’t really bother with make-up much unless I’m going out or performing. But when I do buy, I tend to buy a FEW colours. *giggle* It adds up so quickly, doesn’t it?

    It’s a shame it’s so bloody windy, I wanted to go riding today too (but on the bike). :( Ah well,… OH! My first daffodil bloomed this morning!!!! *bounces*

  2. I think we’ve had the post office card for a few days, but this was the first chance we’ve had to go and pick it up. Again, thanks! In fact, I think I need to go downstairs and eat another one. Before I try my bellydance DVD and make the little ratties fall down laughing and holding their sides. :)

  3. *giggles* Whenever I bellydance at home (often), Gus just gives me THE most bored look on the planet. It’s ALMOST offputting, but not quite. *heehee*

    Which video do you have?

  4. Belly Dancing with Jacqueline Chapman. It probably sucks, but it was only £2. :)

    “Belly Dancing is a great way to beat stress, feel feminine and have fun!” lol…

  5. I did wonder.

    She’s umm… *thinks really hard*… ummm… nope. I can’t seem to think of anything nice to say. She’s good for learning the basic basics, IF you can put up with her oh so feminine voice (that drives me round the bend). :)

    If you want to go for something less annoying and just better, try Hillary Thacker’s beginners video. I have it on loan from a friend just for drilling with, and it’s very good. AND she doesn’t annoy the hell out of you. :) (she’s available from amazon) Oh! And you could sell your horrid Chapman thing on eBay to get your £2 back. :) (I have a copy of that myself, btw. Her hair is just… unbelievable!)

  6. IF I can arrange it, might be doing an instructional video for her students, I could swindle you a copy…

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