Thin Grey Day / Animal Cruelty

It’s an uncomfortable day out there today, in the sense that there’s no comfort to be had outside at all: rainy, chilly, muddy, overcast, without being dramatic enough to make it feel good to be inside. Just a sad, grouchy weather day.

I hit Kip last night. I felt so terrible about doing it, but he made me SO ANGRY. He’s the most obstinant, pigheaded horse, and he makes me lose my temper. I finally lost it and gave him a huge CRACK with the whip, causing him to grunt and leap sky-high (well, at least he was moving); I got straight off and turned him out, dripping wet and no doubt hating me. I can’t blame him. I hate me too, sometimes.

The story of the Hall’s guinea pig farm closure is very sad. Not that I’m in favour of testing on animals (I think that it’s a shame we can’t make murderers and child molesters repay their debt to society by filling this need), but I am definitely against any extremist group using terrorist tactics to impose their view on others. I don’t know how much coverage this got in the States, but this family was subjected to many, many incidents of vandalism, sleep deprivation, crank calls, death threats, their suppliers couldn’t do business with them because of threats against their businesses, and finally the bones of an elderly family member were stolen from her grave. It was obscene. And now the farm is closing, and the animal extremists are shouting victory – no doubt planning the next attacks since this one worked so well.

As was pointed out by Barry Beelzebub, its’ now illegal to use animals for cosmetic testing. It is the law that all medicines must be tested on animals. These are the laws. What is right, what is wrong? Do we do without potentially life-saving medicine? Of course not.

When people do evil things for an arguably good purpose, they are automatically evil. I lump these animal extremists in with the father’s rights idiots (the fellow in the saggy Batman suit that made the news a while back). They are like the anti-hunt activists that seeded fields with nails and tacks to lame hunting horses, or tried to hamstring them. They are evil people.

Bah. I’m in a bad mood today. I’m lonely and tired and disgusted with everything. :(

4 thoughts on “Thin Grey Day / Animal Cruelty”

  1. I feel that using the actual protestors to do the experiments on should keep everyone happy.

    They get to see the animals unharmed. Medical science advances due to real life (almost) human beings to test new drugs on.

    Tey’d obviously need to be sterilised in case of any genetic mutation as a result of said drug testing – which would solve another problem – they wouldn’t breed and produce more hate-filled scum.

  2. catwithclaws

    sometimes horses deserve a crack to get them to remember what the pecking order is :P but if it was out of temper, then getting off is sometimes the smartest thing to do . I don’t always :S I don’t back away from fights very well.

    only thing I’ve heard about the guinea pig farms is what I had read before from the BBC website. nothing I’ve seen on the US sites yet. very sad indeed

  3. He deserved a smack, but I hit him hard enough to almost break the skin. He was so upset that he threw his head up and showed the whites of his eyes every time I looked at him after that, as I was leading him out to the paddock. I had to get off – when you lose it that badly, you need to just put them away. I would have hit him again, just purely out of anger.

  4. lol…not very PC, but I agree! When you commit terrible crimes you tear the fabric of society, and you need to make reparations…that would be a way. Never happen, though. ;)

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