The Weeping Room by Kayla Al-Shamma-Jones

It’s a bit early, but Kayla said that it was ok to post this and squee a bit. :) I love this cover.


The Weeping Room Book Cover Art

With a child on the way and her mother’s funeral to plan, the last thing Lorrie Schecter needs is a surprise houseguest. But when an emaciated and injured young girl in a bloody hospital gown shows up unannounced at her dead mother’s ranch, Lorrie can’t help taking her in – even if she does give Lorrie the creeps.

But as soon as Lorrie invites the girl in, she starts feeling strange symptoms: early contractions, splitting headaches, and flashbacks to an abused past. And a strange tar-like substance – the girl calls it the Creep – suddenly appears and begins coating the windows and doorknobs with a sticky goo that burns human flesh like acid. Something sinister has invaded Lorrie’s body and her home…and it won’t leave.

Coming Spring 2013!

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