The War Against Women

“…two years into the Bush presidency, it is apparent that reversing or otherwise eviscerating the Supreme Court’s momentous 1973 ruling that recognized a woman’s fundamental right to make her own childbearing decisions is indeed Mr. Bush’s mission. The lengthening string of anti-choice executive orders, regulations, legal briefs, legislative maneuvers and key appointments emanating from his administration suggests that undermining the reproductive freedom essential to women’s health, privacy and equality is a major preoccupation of his administration — second only, perhaps, to the war on terrorism…On his very first day on the job, the president reimposed the odious global “gag” rule first instituted by President Ronald Reagan, then lifted by President Bill Clinton in January 1993. It bars health providers receiving American family planning assistance from counseling women about abortion, engaging in political speech on abortion or providing abortion services, even with their own money.”

New York Times article…see it here.

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