The View from the Other Side of the Pond

“French newspapers are filled with blistering criticism of the US role in the world. Le Monde, for instance, pulled no punches when it recently termed Bush’s Middle East policies “extraordinary, unjust and arrogant…well, France is France, but even in Britain, whose prime minister, Tony Blair, has proven Bush’s most reliable and articulate ally across the pond, mainstream papers like the Mirror announce in large headlines–on July 4, no less–“The USA Is Now the World’s Leading Rogue State.” (The more liberal Guardian said the United States is an “unrepentant outlaw” nation.) Will Hutton, a former editor of the Observer, wrote a book portraying the United States as in “the extraordinary grip of Christian fundamentalism”; boasting a “democracy” that is “an offense to democratic ideals,” where the “dominant conservatism is very ideological, almost Leninist,” and is bolstered by “tenacious endemic racism,” with an economy that “rests on an enormous confidence trick,” and in which, incidentally, “citizens routinely shoot each other.” Full Article.

Just thought you might want to know how everyone else see us. As a MAJOR threat to the rest of the world. How does that make you feel?

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