The Trouble with Zombies

…is that in most movies they move so slow. Seems very silly; you have walking cadavers that move with all of the grace and speed of my grandmother on Vicodin, and they STILL manage to eat people. Except in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, where they move lightning. We rented it tonight and actually had a lot of fun watching it, despite the non-happy ending.

Hey, I reserve the right to request happy endings in my movies. Movies are entertainment, in comparison with real life which hardly ever ends happily for anyone.

A guy from the recruitment agency had left a message on my voicemail by 9:30 this morning. *bounce* I couldn’t call back, unfortunately, because this was one of those can’t-breath-no lunch-people at my desk all day days. I left a message. :)

The wind is coming up…it’s going to be a very cold night. Sleep tight, sleep warm.

1 thought on “The Trouble with Zombies”

  1. Yay for job news!

    Boo for zombies. (don’t like em!) But yay for good entertainment!

    *big hug*

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