the sun came out

It’s sunny today after weeks of cold, grey weather – one of those lightning-quick changes that England is famous for. I walked out at lunch, and there was a superb fiddle players playing Celtic tunes in the town centre, and people were walking just a bit slower, enjoying the sun. People smiled.

I feel so much better today. I know that that is as changeable as the weather, and depression will come back soon enough. But today, at least, I was happy.

I worked all morning on a mockup for a site redesign that I was quite happy with. The client will hate it, of course, but I had fun. We do so much production work here, partially because of tight timelines and partially because you will lose all your happy thoughts if you try to do creative work all the time – for the most part, clients don’t understand or appreciate it. (If you’re not a web designer or developer, please see Clients from Hell to understand what I’m talking about. No, those are not exaggerations, it is daily real life.)

My sludge-grey Naked Green Machine can’t even put a damper on my day. :)

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