4 thoughts on “The Onion”

  1. This is why LJ is great- you can friends-lock your posts and keep Mom out :)

    (Yes, that’s exactly why my journal is mostly friends-only.)

  2. I know – but I hate doing that. We’ve all seen “Friends Only, email me to be added” journals – why should I? If you’re not someone that I know in real life, why would I want to? I wouldn’t have anything to base an interest in that person on.

    That said, I did have a horrible experience once: I was bitching in my journal about the idiocy that goes on here at work, in relation to the intranet. Someone copied and pasted a particularly vitriolic rant into email and sent it to the head of our IT department. He came into the staffroom waving the printout, demanding to know where the “web designer’s log” was. WTF? It was a good five minutes before I realised what he was on about. Omigod…and the thought of my born-again Christian mother reading it just gives me shivers. ;)

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