The One In Which Ravven Goes Bankrupt

Ravven now has levelled tailoring to 375, and is the proud possessor of a full Frozen Shadoweave set.  She is also completely broke, along with all my other characters.  Someday I’ll make the Spellstrike pants, and the Spellstrike hood (the pattern dropped the other day in a Shattered Halls pug).  Now to start making some money back so that Kit can level her leatherworking to 375, and make her Ebon Netherscale set.

Karazhan was interesting.  I had only seen Attumen, Maiden and Moroes with my old guild, so it was great to see the Opera event (Romulo and Julianne), Chess event, and one-shot Curator.  Aran was a tough, manic fight, and I died once because I ran the wrong way into a blizzard, and so wasn’t available for crowd control and then everyone else died.  I’m not quite sure how to handle this one – when the elementals appeared (I needed to handle two), I was held in place due to fire wreath and unable to get within distance to banish and fear them.  Hmmmnn…  Even so, it was an enormous amount of fun.

PUGs remain the joyless source of irritation that they always have been – I have the WORST luck.  In Shattered Halls we had a wipe because the tank’s mummy called him to eat, he went AFK, leaving the rest of us to wipe.  Plus the druid was needing on all of the cloth items.   I contantly get invites into groups only to find that they can’t find a tank or healer, sit there for ages, and then the group falls apart.  So frustrating.

I need to get Kit into the guild as an alt, or find another guild for her…not sure how I can balance two raiding guilds, though, in terms of scheduling.  The hunters in this guild are an odd bunch, and are not welcoming another well-geared hunter even on a non-raiding basis.

And that was my weekend.  :)

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