The one in which I suck at being Horde

Since I’ve been almost exclusively Alliance, levelling Hordeside has been both a new experience and a frustration. This morning was an example.

My level 36 troll hunter was in Stranglethorn. Although she has numerous flightpoints in the north of the continent, the only place she can connect to from Grom’gol is Booty Bay. I ran to all the way north through Deadwind Pass to Swamp of Sorrows, and picked up another. It only connected South, and not north to Hammerfall, Tarren Mill or Undercity.

I tried swimming up the coast – surely that must let me out somewhere? Somewhere around Wetlands I came to the conclusion that it would not, and hearthed.

So, I am going to take a boat to Ratchet, on the other continent, which will allow me to get to Ogrimmar, which will let me take an airship to Undercity, which will allow me to fly to Tarren Mill, where I will run south to try to find Badlands.

Horde sucks.  :P

2 thoughts on “The one in which I suck at being Horde”

  1. Thank you for that. :) I did finally find the connecting location that I needed, which was a tiny camp somewhere in Desolace.

    It’s been a while since I made noob Horde mistakes like running up to the “normal” flight master to get the flight point in Booty Bay (I had time to just notice that he was red to me before I got killed). :D

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