The One About the Checkout Lady Who Was Immune to PewPew Lazors

I’m half-awake today. Yesterday, after coming into work for an early meeting and the first day of our latest team member (very bright PhD candidate who is working for us part-time as a Virtual Worlds Developer, intially helping with research), I went home and had a Harry Potter movie marathon. Feeling a bit better today, but very shaky still.

On the way home I stopped at the market to buy some sick food, some ibuprofen and some flu medication. In the checkout line, I am told that I can’t purchase more than two packages of painkiller.

“But I only have two packages of ibuprofen”, pointing with a shaky finger at the (obviously) two packages sitting in front of her.

“You have two packages and one Lemsip – you can’t have them all.”

Now I was getting pissed off. “There were larger boxes of ibuprofen. I could have bought one of the big boxes and one Lemsip.”

She was staring at me with the don’t-fuck-with-me attitude of a prison matron, daring me to leave the line, go back, and get one. I shot blue lazer beams out of my eyes and tried to kill her dead. She didn’t die. I took my single box of 16 ibuprofens, my single box of Lemsip, and went home to collapse.


Work is moving along well, and we’re doing some exciting thing related to immersive education, a true integration of 3D world with social networking site, and so on…lots of it Top Sekrit still, but very interesting. ARGs, as well – that’s another fun area that we’re working on.

Lizzie is still fat and lazy, being worked intermittently. I need to decide what to do about her.

And that’s my update…nothing more exciting than having my ass (figuratively) kicked by a middle-aged checkout woman. :)

6 thoughts on “The One About the Checkout Lady Who Was Immune to PewPew Lazors”

  1. Your cold must be effecting your laser. A friend had a similar problem, he could not buy multiple packs of small dose painkiller, but could of bought a jumbo box of extra strong. Talk about nanny nation, it is pathetic.

  2. Gee. Can you still buy psuedophedrine there?

    I have to drive over the border into CA now. Fuckers.

    I need to write you. I miss you. J misses you.

    Feel better soon.


  3. Yes you can – it’s common in drugs like ‘Sudofed’ etc – decongestants. You can buy a pile of Ibuprofen here too – you just have to buy it from a pharmacy. The supermarkets are now regulated in case some berk offs themselves using Tescos own-brand ibuprofen and a relative sues for lack of due care. This countries becoming as scarily litigious as yours sadly!

  4. Damn, and my clever plot is foiled yet again! I was going to solve all of our money problems by offing myself with 32 ibuprofen and a box of flu medicine so that you could sue them and then Morrisons ruined everything! Oh noes, only 16 ibuprofen – whatever will I do?


  5. Yeah, there was a fizzle and pop, but the beams were too weak – it may have singed her hair a bit, but it was permed so it’s hard to tell. Damn colds. :D

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