The Magic Door

My greatest desire as a child was to find the secret door.  You know, the book which transports you into the story, the back of the wardrobe, the secret door into the magic kingdom.  Someplace away from the mundane world of chores and school and bratty sisters.  I wanted magic and fabulous beasts and enchanted forests and castles.  I wanted to have adventures.

I still want that, very much.  And I think in a way, virtual worlds are my magic door.

I was talking to a friend last night about this.  I hadn’t really thought about it in this way before, but I think Warcraft, for now, is my version of the magic door.  Where else in my life can I be a fighter, a magician, a hero?  Where can I roam elvish forests on the back of a giant cat, or fight with my faithful animal companion at my side?  There is treasure to be won, and damsels in distress to rescue, and massive battles against dragons.

Somewhere, though, in the most secret recesses of my mind, I still hope to really find that door.  I’ll step into the wardrobe hoping that this time, maybe, instead of coats I’ll feel branches and snow.  And would I go?  Would I leave everything behind, to never be seen again?

You bet I would.  :)

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