The Incredible Shrinking Pet Syndrome

Yesterday I tamed Rema the Den Mother in the Blade’s Edge Mountains – she comes with Bite 9, and I wanted a wolf that didn’t have those huge lower canines.  She was absolutely ginormous…until I tamed her.  Then she shrank to lapdog size.

The shrinking issue kind of pisses me off.  The pet should retain at least a percentage of the original size.  It’s ridiculous to have it lose 2/3 of its size as soon as you tame it.

She’ll be a supplementary pet for raids…my bestest friend will always be Ennui.  He’s been with me since Razorfen Kraul days, and although I occasionally see other hunters with high-level boars with that skin, they’re still fairly rare.  He’s a great tank, has tons of armour, and I love the way he looks.

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