The Guilt of Being a Raid Slacker

Due to the ongoing disastrous situation at work (we’re still trying to hold on, promises of investment gold at the end of the month, but we still haven’t been paid), I’ve decided not to raid this week. I’m suffering a bit of burnout anyway, am more than a little tense, and the people who normally really get up my nose during raids will be ever so much more annoying…so I’m not signing up this week for Mount Hyjal. And yet, and yet…every time I hit the forums for new posts, the raid signup makes me feel guilty. “Should I? No, I shouldn’t. What about dkp? Forget it, you can’t even get that second piece of T5 you need for that lovely set bonus, due to all the people with 5,678,345 dkp who snatch gear from your trembling fingertips. YOU ARE NOT RAIDING THIS WEEK.”

Mania’s Arcania had linked to an interesting post entitled “Are hunters more sentimental?” I would very much have to agree. I don’t use Ennui for raiding or grinding, because my cat is so much more effective. But I will keep him always…he’s part of who she is. And Kit always uses bows, she doesn’t use guns at all. I would pass on a very good gun for her…it would just be wrong. I don’t feel like that about any of my other characters, which is interesting.

Our guild bank was hacked this weekend, by an old officer who hadn’t played for eight months but who still had access to the guild bank. He’s been emailed, and claims that he was hacked, but I don’t think I believe him. Everyone has realised the stupidity of allowing someone who hasn’t logged on in eight months full bank access, even if he was a founding member of the guild, but it’s too late to get all of the hearts of darkness, the stacks of primals, the epic gems and patterns…and GMs are obviously going to do nothing. It was a massive loss.

In Age of Conan, Dravven is hitting her stride and is now level 22. I’m having more and more fun with it, and with the Tempest of Set class in particular. (Although Barbarian is a lot of fun as well, awesome two-handed weapon combat animations.) The main thing that is irritating me right now is that every time a guild member levels up (which happens all the time), it’s announced to the guild. And people are obliged to say “grats”. So you see people dinging every few minutes. I think I’m going to put “grats” on a macro. :)

So, combat is great, graphics are lovely although somewhat glitchy, the chat interface sucks, and I desperately need a mod that takes the announcements off the huge black bars stretching the width of the screen. Yep, that’s right – you’re trying to take down a bunch of mobs, and as you loot anything or achieve quest completion (killed 4 of 5 lions, etc.), it is announced on a black bar across the center of the screeen. Where you need to see the mobs that you are fighting. That you can’t turn off. I mean, really – how did that one make it through the approval and testing process? Who the hell thought that was a good idea?

The mind boggles…

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