The Great Tribble Breeding Experiment

If you’ve been playing Star Trek Online, you know that there are tribbles in the game. They’re cute, they take up one bag slot, and you can equip them to heal yourself out of combat. Your away crew can even use them, and after every fight you’ll hear the soft trilling of tribbles as your crew pets theirs.

For a while there, you got the occasional tribble that would buff you.  I wasn’t lucky enough to get one, so I decided to start breeding tribbles in my bank.

You see, tribbles + food = more tribbles. It’s the only use I ever found for the disgusting alien food that you pick up along the way (snail steaks, blood pie, etc.), so it’s a win-win situation. I had lots of bank space, so I piled some tribbles and tons of food. A few days later: a metric buttload of tribbles!  Tons of tribbles in every conceivable colour, a veritable passion pit of headless furry animals.

Unfortunately, none of the tribbles are the buff tribbles. They’re all normal tribbles, of use to no one.

I’ve tried giving them away in front of the station canteen – I piled them in a box that said “Free Tribbles! Take One! Take Two!” but nothing happened except for some joker throwing some food in there. You guessed it…more tribbles.

Anyone want a tribble?

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