The Good Ship Lollipop

I finally hit level 11 last night (friends and fleetmates are now some unimaginable level, like 220. Ok, what is it Raz – 21? 22? *sigh*) Anyway, green-eyed monster aside (just kidding), I reached the point where I could claim a shiny new science ship and a lot of new toys.

I do miss the gorgeousness of the ships in EVE. It’s part of the reason I played Amarr, even though they do have a stick-up-the-wazoo racial that isn’t pleasant. Their ships are rich, shaped like birds of prey or marine animals done in gold and bronze. Lovely. I suppose STO ships are an inevitable consequence of the way that a strict IP will limit design. But anyway, I do love my new Lollipop.

The servers have been very stable since launch, which I very much didn’t expect from the headstart problems. Some of the Genesis missions are still bugged. Overall, however, it’s going very smoothly. I’m liking it. :)

5 thoughts on “The Good Ship Lollipop”

  1. You played Amarr?!?

    Now, after reading about EVE universe, how I am supposed to ever talk to you again?:-)))

  2. lol – I do admit that the Amarr are self-righteous, stiff-necked religious dicks, but I love their ships. :) I always thought of Kitsune as a renegade daughter of the Amarr, making her way through the universe all on her own.

  3. I keep coming looking for the new art, and read about Star Trek MMOs instead! Damn those stable servers, just damn them!

  4. Well it’s 42 now but I just ditched the char, was crap and thanks to cock ups with number of points I had to spend, spending points in the wrong placres and no respec and a general balls up I made of the char I am on char number two.

    I will restart the engineer at some point, but I have gone Tactical, and I am just about your level now.

    The city of the edge of forever quest is the best one i have done in any MMO bar none, it was perfection. I tell you when you are not rushing through trying to beat someone to max level spending the time reading the quests is well worth it too, well most of them.

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