The gods hate me

Yes, me, personally. The gods actually hate me.

I just got back from trying to ride…in the spring, in April. There are daffodils out and baby lambs in the fields. And, in our town, we have a blizzard. :( It wasn’t snowing yet when I pulled up to the stable; I saddled Lizzie and we went into one of the warmup arenas. And it immediately started to hail. Sharp, nasty hail, the kind that really stings when it zings the corner of your eye. Lizzie was bouncing around, very unhappy, and I realised that the jumps were turning into little bucks. Little warning bucks, the kind that say “I really, really hate this, and I want you to know that if you don’t get off IMMEDIATELY and put me back into my warm, sensible stall, I am going to plant you into the arena like a turnip.” I got off.

We had a computer saga on Friday evening and Saturday resulting from an upgraded graphics card that fried my motherboard. Off to Overclockers, and ended up buying what amounted to a new PC…new graphics card, new motherboard, new processor to go with the PCI Express motherboard, new power supply that weighed roughly as much as a small baby, and an illumimated gaming keyboard just to round things off. Ouch. Very expensive weekend. But everything now looks lovely…Warcraft was lovely before, and now it’s stunning.

And so I’m off to play, since I’m just a monkey’s hair off level 40, and I can then go on my Felsteed quest. :)

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