The Gods Hate Me, Part Gazillion and One

On the way home tonight, the car broke down. Again. The third time in what, not even two weeks – all for different things. This time it was the radiator, or a hose, or something that caused it to make spectacular clouds of white steam and die.

Bastard car. I want you crushed. I want you peed on by an eternity of dogs. I want you gone.

1 thought on “The Gods Hate Me, Part Gazillion and One”

  1. wandringsoul

    Or you could thank it for being reliable and steadfast through nearly four years of ownership, with close to zero money spent on it… and the fact that is was free in the first place! I think it served us very well… gave us the chance to avoid busses, bikes and walking, saved us from being snowbound, and even hauled shavings around for the horse…

    : )

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