The game I really, really wanted to like

Aside from being all mopey with the flu (I’m the worst patient ever, I admit!) I spent a lot of time having an inordinate amount of fun in a game that I’d given up on: Warhammer.

A friend had decided to try the free trial, so I re-subbed for a month. We ran around the starting areas together, he complained about me not keeping him alive in battlegrounds (I’m a shaman, not a miracle worker, Jim) and generally had a great time.

Warhammer is one of those games that I care enough about to actually get angry…at it’s best, it can be so much damned fun. Given the wrong balance of people however, or not enough players, it falls apart and that is a shame.

There are reportedly class balance issues, although I haven’t gone deep enough into the game to experience that myself.  Last night I did hear a Magus player lamenting the brokeness of the class, and presenting a long and fairly well thought out opinion on why the class was virtually unplayable. The only response, of course, was “Can I have your stuff?”  :D

Whatever that indefinable quality is in MMO that means “fun”, Warhammer has it…at times. When there are enough people for PQs, if you have friends or a good guild. I spent ages just doing PVP scenarios, running around like a loon, making comments in a squeaky voice for my shaman, Wiillow, and laughing. Just silly buggers, really – but it was a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

Is it worth a subscription once friends finish their free trials and stop playing?  No. And that is a damned shame.

2 thoughts on “The game I really, really wanted to like”

  1. Wholeheartly agree with your opinion of the game. I have (and I’m sure you have) played classes which others have considered useless, broken and unplayable, and found them to be excellent at what they do and a lot of fun – there will always be people complaining. Warhammer is a fun game when you’re playing with others, but not a lot of fun solo.

    If my friends played it, I’d re-sub in a heartbeat. Shame none of them are interested, they won’t even play a free trial because they know they’ll never sub at the end.

  2. I keep trying to get people to play, but with no noticeable success. :( It’s really a shame…but I think that MMOs where you can’t successfully solo or just dink around ultimately don’t work. Sometimes you want to pvp or raid, and sometimes you want to be alone to do your own thing. Games like Warcraft work for both, but I think Warhammer is a lot more fun in groups. For me, anyway, it’s just not a solo game.

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