The Fall

Via a blog post, I found a movie that we’ve rented and I’m quite excited about seeing: The Fall. I’ve always loved The Cell, purely for the lushness of the visual design (I freely admit that it was a pretty crap movie), and this one is by the same director, Tarsem Singh. It could be a bad movie…but it looks so pretty.

Call me shallow, I’m a sucker for pretty.

2 thoughts on “The Fall”

  1. Wow, that really is gorgeous. I think I might have to track it down to see it just for the visuals too. Would help if it didn’t suck as much as The Cell did :)

  2. Well, quite honestly it wasn’t a very good movie. Oh, it was definitely watchable, don’t get me wrong – but the script was weak. Visually it was beautiful, but in a very different way from The Cell – no stunning effects like slicing the horse, etc. It was shot in just about every incredible location that you could name, so the locations are it’s strength. God, I would love to work on a project like this, and travel the world. :) It’s worth seeing, for a kind of dark storyteller’s tale.

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