The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Thank you Bunny for ordering this book and letting me have first crack at it! Gorgeous book. I’m half-way through, and may have it finished to bring back for you to read tomorrow. I hate reading through good books so fast, but it’s very difficult to slow down when I want to.

This is a murder mystery, written from the point of view of an autistic boy. Christopher hates yellow and brown, can’t stand to be touched and has a brilliantly gifted yet literal (can’t understand facial expressions or emotions or fictional stories) mind. The scenes where he is going door-to-door, interviewing his neighbors about the murder of the dog (something which would normally be impossible for him to do without going into a groaning, rocking withdrawal) brought a lump to my throat. Brave like Sherlock Holmes…wonderful, wonderful book.

Other than that recommendation, I have nothing interesting to tell you about. Do you want some spam? Take it – I have tons.

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  1. Smile? Sounds vaguely familiar…hmmmn. Oh, yes, a turning-up of the corners of the mouth, sometimes exposing teeth, denoting amusement or happiness. I think I can do that. *creeeeak* See?

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