The Chicken Quest

So, I had to go and get myself a pet chicken…silly, but I had to do it. To do this, you select a chicken, do the /chicken emote about five thousand times at it, then it will give you a quest. You need to purchase special chicken feed from a farm in Westfall. You /cheer at the chicken, then give it the feed to complete your quest, from which you obtain an egg. The first time I did it, I did it in Goldshire, and amused/bemused a lot of people. I lost the first chicken when a wolf killed it, and then while doing /chicken over and over again on the second one, a level 7 gnome came along and killed it – the little shit.

But I have my chicken.

I’ve really, really been enjoying the new hunter nelf. I’d chosen the new realm hoping for some friendlier people, and in that sense it’s been good, but hunters are VERY expensive to level up and it would have been helpful to have my higher alts be able to pass her equipment. Ah, well, live and learn. At the moment she has a bear for a pet, but I’m going to try running her over into Horde territory for one of the lions.

It struck me this weekend that I’ve only ever seen one person who had designed a black character – that is quite odd. Why? So many white faces ingame, quite unbalanced.

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