The Bog of Eternal Stench

Last night, as I walked the narrow country lane to the stable, I almost got hit by a white van and I saw the most amazing moon. The van swerved out of their lane to pass me this close (bastards) and the moon was huge and pumpkin-orange. Amazing.

Kipper wasn’t feeling well last night, and hadn’t eaten any hay. Not a good sign for a walking equine garbage disposal, and he was still very swollen after the castration. So I called the vet.

Today, I went paintballing with a bunch of the IT students at the college, in the mud and pouring rain, and it was wonderful. I love it! I couldn’t see anything, and was pretty much shooting blind, but it was great fun. On the last game, Phil shot me in the ass, and I have a huge bruise already starting. I had him take a picture of it, but the flash glares so off my reflective white ass that you can’t see it. ;) So, at the end of the day I was soaked, sore, and happy.

As soon as we got back I went out to meet with the vet at the stable, and he wasn’t as concerned about the swelling and not eating as I was. He gave him a shot of antibiotic, and will check on him tomorrow. He showed me how to massage him, which has to be done three times a day.

Yes. Massaging the swollen sheath area, working the fluids back up into the body so they can disperse, rather than settling where gravity sends them. Yes, I am massaging a horse’s genitals. This is like some cheesy (sorry, bad pun) porn movie: “Down on the Farm: Hot Girls and Wild Horses.” This is NOT what I expected to be doing on a Friday night. I stood there, hands under Kipper’s belly, saying “God, Kip, you STINK,” as he stood there with a dopey/bemused look on his face, occasionally looking around at me as if to say that this horse/human thing wasn’t ALL bad. Gaaaah…any gentlemen out there want to kiss my hand?

Anyway, just had to share that nugget of no-doubt fascinating information about my day. Here is a paintball pic:.

Looking Serious

Phil looking cocky

In the rain

8 thoughts on “The Bog of Eternal Stench”

  1. wandringsoul

    Hmph…cocky indeed…

    Not quite, but a sort of smug look cos I knew what most of the rest didn’t – that turning up in paper thin trousers is going to get you hurt!!

    4 games later, and 11 kills and a flag capture to me, and only one death and no bruises, and I think I did ok!
    : )

  2. Just make sure he’s already gelded. ;) I’ve had horses, various other animals, and a child. I’ve cared for people who were sick. I thought there was nothing so disgusting that I couldn’t handle it. But this is NOT pleasant.

  3. No, it is most unpleasant :-) … but his reaction is normal and quite common after a gelding.

  4. No, it is most unpleasant :-) … but his reaction is normal and quite common after a gelding.

  5. Is it? My last colt didn’t react like this – perhaps because he was a lot younger. I think he looks a bit better today, although he’s still not eating much.

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