I just realised that it was Thanksgiving today. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, since I’m obviously at work and there’s no time to do turkeys…but this is the first year that I’ve totally forgotten. I should try to call my family tonight.

We finally watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, and I think we were both less than impressed. Even though I really do like Johnny Depp, Gene Wilder was so much better and darker – he used to scare me, a bit. The Depp version had an extremely uncomfortable Michael Jackson feel to him, very high squick factor. I hated, HATED the Oompa Loompas, and the songs. Disappointing. :(

Had a conversation with someone from an agency that called regarding an interactive design position – I made the mistake of telling her that I’d already given notice, and she asked if she could have my current boss’ name to request a reference. I wouldn’t give it, as she a) knows nothing about the site, my job, or anything relating to my ability to do my job, and b) wouldn’t give me a good reference, anyway, since she knows that I am quitting rather than work for her. This sucks – two years of long days, hard work, and doing the very best job possible, all gone. No reference. What the hell am I going to do?

I’m quite nervous now. I still think that I made the right decision in deciding to change my life…but change is both scary and difficult. I’ll possibly be unemployed by the start of next year, I have a horse with serious health problems, Phil and I continue to drift apart, and I worry about how it will all turn out. I’m trying to be confident in myself and my abilities, I tell myself that I should have no trouble finding a contract or freelancing…but I’m quite scared.

Anyway. Change the subject. So, does anyone else feel that Captain Birdseye is a paedophile? Do those commercials creep you out?

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  1. I’ve always thought Captain Birdseye is a pedo. What kind of serious Sea Captain has a crew made up of children?!

  2. Your boss MUST legally give you a positive reference. If she doesn’t, you can sue her (not that you would, but she knows she has to). Even if it’s just that you’re ‘punctual’. Seriously, trust me on this. Just go ahead and give the details. :) What do you have to lose even if she DOES give you a negative reference? You were gonna miss the opportunity otherwise.

    Happy turkey day! :)


  3. I know many people didn’t really care for the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory–but honestly it is almost exactly like the book. Just a couple of up-dated details, such as Mike TeeVee playing gun-happy video games instead of just watching “shoot-em-up” cowboy shows on the TV, and all the bits about Willy Wonka’s father. The Gene Wilder version had very little in common with the book aside from character names (probably why they used the title of “Willy Wonka…” instead). Re-read the book by Roald Dahl (copyright 1964) and you’ll see what I mean. I re-read my copy when the Depp version was coming out so that I could compare.

    I’m sorry to hear about the rest of your current issues. :( Life is change and you will be OK, even if it is a trifle rough and overwhelming right now. Have courage!

  4. I think that’s just in the States. They CAN give a bad reference here. :( In the States, if I remember correctly, even if someone was fired for cause, all they can say was that the person had “performed adequately” or something lukewarm like that.

  5. I’ve never read the book – it’s on that long list of things I should read someday. ;) I did like Gene Wilder because he was scary in a very subtle way, that naive personality underlaid with dark undertones.

    I think it was mainly the fact that I couldn’t get Michael Jackson out of my head for the whole movie that bothered me.

  6. thanks for the insight. I haven’t read the book. I was just comparing the movie to the original I suppose. I still think the new version lacks a LOT of action and thrill and darkness the original had. So, that being said, perhaps the book just sucks and the original movie could be considered a good improvement on the book? ;) Will try to pick up the paperback sometime :)

  7. dryadmeagenn

    Perhaps if they’d given Depp the goatee beard that Willy Wonka had in the book it would have taken care of that Jackson association that people keep coming up with. Remember that the book was written in 1964–it was bouncy and happily spastic without the dark undertones that Gene Wilder brought to the first movie. It was making fun of the stereotypical kids and giving them exactly what they deserved. And it does seem that a lot of people have never read it…

  8. I don’t think you can be given a “bad” reference as such, but you can be given a reference that omits enough things to make it a reflect poorly. If your reference ends up being “Well, she’s a very… clean person. And she usually turned up on time!” then you’re fucked ;)

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